Sustainable transport


How much do food miles matter when it comes to carbon emissions? The role of transportation and logistics, both crucial in increasing food security and mitigating climate change, is a key element to consider when applying political ecology. Yet, decreasing geographical distance does not always mean better transportation. Other matters as cold storage facilities and transport refrigeration units are crucial parts to consider. At the same time, the more agents are involved between harvest and table, the less incentive there is for each agent to control costs and food losses.

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In order for the European Union to reach its climate-neutral objectives, existing goals need to be accompanied by innovative and ambitious legislative and non-legislative actions. This broad scope of actions includes inter alia policy proposals and new legal acts – some are binding, others are not. Moreover, not all actions apply to all EU countries, or in the same way. Hereafter you will be able to find different types of legislative and non-legislative documents.

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In this section, you will be able to find information about the European funds destined towards agricultural reform and how they have been spent by every Member State. The map showcases the amount agreed to for every state until 2023, what was finally allocated to each state, as well as, how much of it has been spent so far. Through this page you can also, access the CORDIS database where agricultural innovation projects of interest being carried out through Europe are shown in an interactive map.

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