Dataseeds is built on the premise to democratize open data information to small holder agriculture. The European Data Portal offers 90,883 datasets on open environment data, which could help SMEs be more competitive, yet sustainable if used well. However, the quantity of data is such that it makes it very complex to find and use.

The app aims to provide SMEs in the field of agriculture with direct access to better and more detailed information to help them become part of the green restructuring of EU industry. An online platform where they can (i) understand the past through the EU data, (ii) consider the present EU legislative and non-legislative actions, and (iii) think solutions for the future through research centres working in related aspects. It is a freely and easy to use resource which you are free to share and remix, even for commercial purposes, as long as you share the results under the same license.

If you are still curious about how this whole website was created, the technologies used for that purpose and the open source material we used, you can learn more about it in our How It Works section.

Dataseeds is a project initiated by Andrea Briones, Aura Cristina Guerrero, Paula Sanz and Borja Ybarra, international relations graduates. Special thanks to Ismael Estalayo for helping us with both the front and backend of the website. The project is currently sponsored by the EU Publications office as it is one of the three finalists of EU Datathon 2020 at challenge 1: A European Green Deal.

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Andrea B

Andrea holds a double Master’s degree in European Governance as well as a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. She is currently working as a research assistant at BC3 where she is gaining experience in the areas of climate external and multi-level governance and international cooperation.

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Paula S

After studying International Relations, Paula has specialized in the intersection of media and culture. Her interests are varied but mostly concern how the media influences our realities. She has previous experience coordinating media outlets for an array of institutions such as universities or social organizations.

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Borja Y

Borja is an International Relations graduate. Currently preparing for competitive exams to access the diplomatic career, he is committed to bringing institutions to all sectors of society and to the generational challenge of the need for a more horizontal and sustainable approach to a European Union that is permanently changing.

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Aura Cristina G

LLM Candidate in Legal Studies, freelance junior developer and experience as junior researcher on postcolonial studies. Focused on the relation between eurocentrism and securitisation as an infer for (green) militarisation and the breach of indigenous/enviromental rights. Special interest in the geopolitics of the arctic.

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Ismael E

With an MA in Telecommunication Engineering, Ismael has published two papers in the area of Deep Learning with Tecnalia's JRL-AI, and he has been a software engineer for over a year in Keynetic Technologies. He's also the sole creator of Crypto Tracker, currently sitting with over 25k downloads.